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in-land trucking

KA owns a large fleet of haulage trucks, prime movers and trailers that can move 20, 40, 45 foot containers. Besides domestic transportation, both our team of drivers and on-ground staffs are also highly experienced in providing cross-border services between China-Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia-Thailand-Myanmar-Malaysia and Singapore. And to avoid any unnecessary extra handling of goods, we also provide crane services at the borders to transfer our box containers onto trucks belonging to our affiliates of those countries which then transports your goods in perfect condition to destination.

Sea freight forwarding

KA have ocean service further to Africa, Europe, North and South America continent, intra-Asia and other main ports over the world. KA has became an trusted agent and partner of many worldwide ocean carriers.

Equipped with understanding of your supply chain requirements, we are ready to secure the space allocation, timing, frequency and rates that fit any customer's precise objectives. 

We specially treat each shipment with the care and attention it takes to earn your trust.

air freight forwarding

We listen and discuss with you to identify your objectives and understand your goals. We bring value added to your supply chain. We’re taking extra care and measures for your sensitive, high-value cargo with 24/7 comment center. 

With our large booking volume, we usually get special pricing offer from Airlines. And we commit lowest price to you as always.

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